♫♪  Dubharp - Dubharp

The sound of pure Christmas.

Assembled just in time for the holidays, Dubharp is a refreshing, relaxing slice of post-year consolidation and resolve. The latest project of Denver D.I.Y. dance vet Luke Thinnes (scope French Kettle Station, sleepdial, or any of his other projects released under his own name to get a sense of his zany sonic universe), Dubharp surfs along on a joyous blend of tinkering techno, save-point synths, and as the title promises, loads of dubby echo flair. Recorded entirely on Christmas Eve with no overdubs, it’s a calm, refreshing glimpse at tranquility, neither kitschy in its use of New Age sonics nor overtly posturing in its one-take shred genesis. It’s just a translucent, gift-wrapped set of jams to help us all wind down from this hellfire of a year, and a reminder that sometimes the best thing you can do to stay sane is just hit record and see what happens.

Grip Dubharp via Bandcamp right here, and stream the whole lovely thing below:

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