♫♪  Ducky - “I’m Not A Player I Just…” (Margaret Antwood Remix)

Major thanks to the internet (and really to B.YRSLF Division) for uniting artists Ducky and Margaret Antwood, who both have upcoming releases via the label this year. This Antwood remix, featured on Ducky’s very-much-anticipated forthcoming 6/30 release, unites their two disparate sounds seamlessly while still maintaining the ‘extremes’ that define Ducky’s and Antwood’s work. Ducky’s soothing, repetitive talk-sing vocal sequencing is first layed over Antwood’s direct and minimal beat (seriously, we’ve never heard such use of silence as content than in Antwood’s production) very simply, reminescent of so many house tracks, up until the ninety second mark, where Ducky’s vocals randomize and the beat starts becoming even more minimal and bizarrely patterned, moving into an almost grimy texture (though it’s hard to define either’s work as a genre- both artists seem to be experimenting with house and club music- Antwood mixing in grime sounds and Ducky with pop & R&B). On “I’m Not A Player…” Ducky’s work breathes life into Antwood’s robotic gestures, and symbiotically Antwood makes Ducky’s work colder, sucking any bit of sugary sweetness out. B.YRSLF Divsion is uniting so many producers who are reinterpreting club music in completely different ways but still flexing on the same palette of sound- stay tuned in the near and far future to see what they reinvent.

• Ducky: https://soundcloud.com/duckymusic
• Margaret Antwood: https://soundcloud.com/margaret-antwood
• B.YRSLF Division: https://soundcloud.com/byrslf_division

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