Elephant Shoes Volume 004

Toronto hip-hop producer is back with the fourth installment of his Elephant Shoes series of instrumental mixtapes. Volume 004 contains more of the soul-indebted, mid-tempo production dviousmindz’s become known for, with an emphasis on crisp drum beats and modest piano samples. There are strong undercurrents of jazz and lounge throughout, but none of the synth-laden drama that usually distracts from such an approach. Toronto seems to be coming into its own as the new capitol for hip-hop-production, and even though dviousmindz may not be as well-known as his more bombastic peers — 40, Boi-1da, T-minus — he deserves a seat at the pantheon. These beats are understated, but they’re sewn together with an enviable effortlessness.

• dviousmindz: http://dviousmindz.bandcamp.com

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