DVVLLXNS is the self-identified “occult electronic project” of Jon Porras. He is known best as one half of Bay Area guitar-drone cultivators Barn Owl, but he’s also released similarly axe-driven drones as Elm and under his own name, with stamps of approval from Root Strata and Thrill Jockey. With Porras’ newest endeavor, DVVLLXNS, not only will you find a conspicuous lack of vowels, but also a lack of guitar.

The project is named for Isabella Rosselini’s character from Blue Velvet, D. Vallens. Like all things Lynchian, DVVLLXNS’s EP, LITVNY, is ominous and surreal. Although a departure from past work, listen to “XOCHITL” below and you’ll hear the same brooding, cathedral-esque reverb sensibilities of Barn Owl, but oriented towards beats and pulses rather than dense layers, lush sustained chords having been replaced with sparse percussion and chant-like synths.

DVVLLXNS also comes hand in hand with a “digital movement/organization” called THX NXW MXNVMXNTS (“The New Monuments”), which recently posted a mix called PVCXFXC DXSPLVCXMXNT (“Pacific Displacement”) here. Meanwhile, DVVLLXNS’ LITVNY EP is available now for pre-order via Shelter Press.

• DVVLLXNS: http://dvvllxns.bandcamp.com
• THX NXW MXNVMXNTS: http://thxnxwmxnvmxnts.tumblr.com
• Shelter Press: http://www.shelter-press.com

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