♫♪  DX2OV - Временные Петли

Dirty Tapes been on a hunt, y’all. Discovery continues to be the centerpiece of the Brooklyn-based tape-label since its conception, and since PAUL HARES’ The Definative Works — with the follow-up DIRTY TAPES FROM RUSSIA — Dirty Tapes been exploring that Euro-Asia feel in terms of questing new vibes. DX2OV’s Временные Петли is exactly the next step in beat-tape, basement-house, and avant-collage listeners have been itching to move within. Flexibility within Временные Петли takes club levels to other ranges a stove top can burn. Fucking electric flame hovercraft firepit burning hot stone running on raw night-time blur. It’s perfect on the reel and an incredible follow up to DX2OV’s most recent digital release thru BEER ON THE RUG. So getcha self cultured the-FUCK out via Dirty Tapes, and sniff out the cracks and corners of DX2OV’s Временные Петли below:

Also, streaming live in 360-degree camera on the Dirty Tapes YouTube page….


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