“Your Eyes”

.dxf are from Paris, France, but they sound like they could come from, well, anywhere, because that’s what the world has been heading towards since before any of us were born. Trading blocks aren’t just economic… they’re cultural too, and that’s why “Your Eyes”, .dxf’s second single from their debut EP which drops in April, is the epitome of what can be achieved with a free trade of cultural ideas.

Keight’s sad robotesque melodies skim lightly across skittering trap beats straight out of Atlanta and electronic renderings of Brazilian tropical flourishes pushing the song towards an old fashioned ‘actual’ guitar solo played on an ‘actual’ guitar by someone who knows how to ‘actually’ play a guitar. Who would have thought?

When the guitar solo reaches its logical conclusion we are treated to a few moments of melodic respite before the coda delivers an even sadder robot doing it’s soul wrenching vocalisation (if robots had souls that is) over a half time rhythm. It’s either a bridge to something more beyond the horizon or a slow petering out of the delusions which lead us to this globalised endpoint.

“Your Eyes” is a melancholic creolisation of western culture with the hallmarks touched of Gallic style and restraint. There’s only one place which you can actually imagine .dxf… the future.

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