♫♪  Dylan Cameron - “Infinite Floor”

In the cold, cruel world of music, labels can come and go in an instant. Reading through Resident Advisor’s “Label of the Month” archive may one day serve as the indie music equivalent to Where Are They Now? A label that I’ve kept tabs on throughout my time in this bleak, depressing business is Austin’s Holodeck Records. Originally an off-shoot imprint focusing on separate yet steadily congealing bands and scenes within Austin, Texas, Holodeck has become something of a flagship entity within the city’s growing electronic scene, which has been given even greater exposure due to members of S U R V I V E creating the soundtrack to Netflix’s summer hit Stranger Things.

Behind it all is Dylan Cameron, who has served as Holodeck’s “in-house producer and engineer” since the label’s inception. He put out a cassette, Samsara: Causes and Conditions back in 2013, which combined his ability to create floor crushing house jams and textured ambient bliss. At the the end of this month, Dylan releases his debut LP, Infinite Floor, via Holodeck, a gorgeous slab of dub techno that’ll have you geekin’ out. “Misted Road,” “Forest Drone,” and “Difficult Floor” are real mind fryers, if you need only a few examples of the album’s brilliance, but this one is a real treat for those who seek out a quality full length from start to finish. Thankfully, the good folks at Holodeck have provided us with a full album stream for you.

Pre-order Infinite Floor here, as always in either cassette, vinyl, or digital form. Holodeck’s always had a consistent output, but Dylan Cameron thankfully sets the bar up a few levels.

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