Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something so depressing about seeing the sun come up on a weekday, when you’ve been up all night and you did basically fuck all with your day (night). I’ve been on that vamp-life recently though, that pseudo agoraphobic bullshit. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to leave the crib, because I’ve been seeing things. This strange visage appeared in the blunt smoke last night, fucked if i know who that is. I’m not losing the grip though, LOL. I’m just in my feelings lately. It happens to the best of us tbh, look how Nietzsche ended up.

It’s all good however, this new DYNOOO has ushered in a new era for the kid. On the real, “I’M IN MY FEELINGS N I HATE IT” is on something vicious. It’s HEAVY. It’s kind of like the ghostly shadow of E+E’s Fire Gut. Laolu cuts deep too. Check it. You done came up DYNOOO. You done came up for the better.

• DYNOOO: https://soundcloud.com/dynooo
• Laolu: https://soundcloud.com/laoluofficial

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