♫♪  E. Granby Granby - Cold

Are you better off with $1 million or a penny doubled for 30 days? Many know the penny’s best, and the teaser springs to mind while enjoying E. Granby Granby’s Cold. Like the doubling penny, Cold amplifies a simple procedure into something vast. On this solo tape released on Regional Bears, E. Granby Granby (sociologist Timothy Shortell) arranges concise, repetitive overdubs of bass, soprano, and alto clarinet into worlds of layered reed.

Enter the clarinet dub realms. The net weave mechanics are immediately in place every time. Each track reveals its rules as it plays, not so much evolving as attuning you to its forms. Associations manifest: gears inside a timepiece, circuits on a board, decision trees, if-then statements, tiles laid out in patterns, plain zinc discs aggregated.

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