♫♪  each code - UPC / EAN

So, apparently each code is in fact LAMPGOD, which, after relistening to UPC / EAN with that knowledge in my noggin’, makes all the fucking sense in the world, ‘cause “PALM LYCIUM” sounded a little too damn familiar. Old boy’s rotted sources and wax evisceration skills are pretty unmistakable, right?

His stuff always makes me picture a scenario where a box of broken 45’s gets hurled at him from a moving car while he’s standing outside a record shop, waiting for it to open, smoking a cigarette, and when the box hits the ground, the records go flying all over the place, and he thinks to himself “Hey, sweet,” and scoops them all up and places them back in the box and takes the whole thing home with him, and once home, he magically glues the busted discs back together, one by one, meticulously and relentlessly; and then, settling himself next to a janky PT-01, he goes ahead and places the flimsy turntable arm down on the initial groove of the first fixed donut, begins listening for gold, taking his patient time, and, eventually finding a nugget or two, pans ‘em out with an ear’d tin, then gets to work. MF must just dig and rotate all the time. Proud of you!!

UPC / EAN is a LONG one, btw, in that you’re not gonna get away from it anytime soon. It’s only three track deep and just under six minutes in length, but there’s so much ground covered that going back is inherently necessary. The less-than-six minutes run will become twelve minutes, then eighteen, and twenty-four, and so on. Let the layers lay down. Let them envelope your senses. After a few goes, you’ll taste the dust.

And since he’s gone from ALL CAPS to all lower case letters with this new moniker, think he might’ve spilled himself and/or some of that greasy-ass Chinese food on his keyboard? Cuz them keys seem to be stuck as fuck. GOOEY.

One last thing: I know some of us at Tiny Mix Tapes are massive fans for some of the cats on Psalmus Diuersae (I’m looking at you Balmy Weather and you too LIGHTDIETY), but dear god, listen to EVERYTHING on Psalmus Diuersae’s Bandcamp. It’s an ever spinning and evolving creature, filled with strange and wonderful sounds, and (in my mind) promotes anonymity and equality. Don’t let names dictate your listening pattern. Branch out. Who knows, you might get some $30 hand lotion out of the deal (on second thought, handmodels might be LAMPGOD, too. This guy just can’t stop himself from fiddling with his ding-dong, can he?). Okay, I can feel the weight of this soapbox giving out, and I sense your eyes glaring at me, so I’m gonna step on down now. BYE!!!

• LAMPGOD: https://soundcloud.com/lampgod
• Psalmus Diuersae: https://diuersae.bandcamp.com

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