Stuttering light smears through a glimmer or two, and then blares of searing thought and site burn through eyes on fire. An ECCO UNLIMITED. Beyond what you can reach or experience on this plane, objects mingle with matter and materialize without form but in vibration of the internal senses, and not of physical touch. Ripping through all that can be stripped of nature and humanity, comes the last bastion of world: “Yo, is that ‘Thriller?’” Into the void through properties indescribable to the concept of thought. Swirling and matching hard to soft of the back on molecules into darkness upon stretched light spearing force and gravitation at the most agitated softness. This is where it becomes clear. The formation of all this substance and flickering provides an entirely new color. A color so vibrant it questions its own being through the array trying to keep it together. And this is just for this plane and area. Cleared upon the cloud of vision and existence. The world turned to you and away; into light came color and “LETTING GO.” The fragility of something new.

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