♫♪  Echo Lane Afterschool Inc. - Sunburnt

Internet label CBR, previously Cavern Brew Records, has been releasing music like mad on their new Bandcamp since rebranding late last year. Tedrich Lendum & White Uploader’s Inelegant Mirth was a 2016 highlight, and Sunburnt—warm like a heated floor, cool like aloe—is a recent high on top of a string of great releases.

(Context: I was visiting a friend without Wi-Fi for 5 days, and once I got to the airport, my flight was delayed for 8 hours, and subsequently cancelled. Wi-Fi, though. I’m in a high wooden chair at a high wooden desk in an adobe-clad airport watching the dusty, aqua air bridges roll around on the grey tarmac among the terra cotta walls.)

Highlights within the highlight include “First Day” and “The song for the clouds,” and, on a totally different tip, “Gulf Coast.”

All profits from the physical CD release and the digital will go to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

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