♫♪  E+E - “summermix”

Oh, yEa! E+E just (and I mEan JUST) madE all our Monday night a wholE lot bEttEr. In typical fashion, “summErmix” is all ovEr thE placE, containing so much that it almost hurts to procEss… almost. But don’t bE no ‘fraidy cat; lEt thE ExcEss pour out, ovEr, and into your Ears. Lil’ Jon’s back, so’s #Emotion, so’s thE pErfEct pErcussion. Hooray!!! And damn if that isn’t a finE cowboy hat E+E’s sporting in his sElfiE. Think it’s a StEtson? HopE so!

• E+E: https://soundcloud.com/eande
• E+E: https://eande.bandcamp.com

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