♫♪  E+E - “summermix #2”

Hot, steaming chunks of earth rolling on down the mountain — pyroclastic flow style, DAMN we have “summermix #2” erupting from the heart of EPC (E+E).

The last mix (“summermix #1”) sounded like an inverted, down-pointing tower of babel; yes, it spit out wisdom in all directions (N, E, S, W) but remained guarded and mysterious, digging down into underground zones with enough room for privacy, introspection, and a few barely audible secrets that could teach you a new word, or two. This SISTER mix (#2) cracks off FAST. Press play to conjure a small amazonian army, non-sugar-coated, immediately commanding you to be quiet, BE COOL, be smooth, and to only worry about your goddamn self. Seconds in, warriors are launching shade and flame from several low swanging chariots unto the fields of Shenandoah and beyond, like an arrow straight into your chest. I imagine the preliminary violence as a call for an open heart — the hyperactive onslaught gives way to a tender, cathartic finale. Much has been said about the spirituality of E+E’s music; but, here, there’s something invisible creeping in, some sort of transformative sacrament, a fantastic rite of ownership and solemnity.

• E+E: https://soundcloud.com/eande

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