♫♪  E+E - “woman baptized by the blood of angels ♫ dj E [LIVE]”

Bolivian born Virginia residing E+E aka Elysia Crampton mixes some Spanish singing with some hip-hop chanting and lays it over some manic synths and bells and harpsichords. And represents it all with a beautiful classic iTunes symbol! Nothing anchors “woman baptized by the blood of angels” to the ground. It floats through space, but never gets away from your ears. Perhaps it’s the tight palette that keeps it from ballooning away, or perhaps it’s the relationship between maker and product.

While some writers would ignore identities of producers and consider it not important to the work, Crampton’s trans identity is relevant, as her work explores disembodiment, female identity (and its victories and hardships), and form, and her public declaration seeks to dismantle the cisgender male dominated field of electronic production. By making her real human body public (as opposed to someone like Burial or Sophie), Crampton can explore the esoteric more fully, without seeming meandering or disappearing into the blue. And perhaps even esoteric is an incorrect word to describe her work, as “woman baptized by the blood of angels” very clearly has subject and objects, not just themes.

• E+E: https://soundcloud.com/eande

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