♫♪  Efrim Manuel Menuck - “A Lamb in the Land of Payday Loans”

I mean, we predatory lenders have feelings too, you know. Now that everybody knows how bad subprime mortgage loans are, it’s getting more and more difficult to dupe would-be suckers into giving us their money. We have to ramp up interest rates like crazy to make what we do worth our while!

And now we have these people like Efrim Manuel Menuck, who just released a new song called “A Lamb in the Land of Payday Loans,” to compete with. He’s ringing the alarm bells, like there’s something wrong with how we’re operating in this capitalist economy. He’s been doing this for a while too, in bands such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor (wrong spot for the punctuation there fella!) and A Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra or Tra-La-La Band or whatever he’s calling it these days (pick a name there fella!). And these lambs he’s talking about — they aren’t as innocent as they seem. Eating all that grass that probably isn’t theirs. Hell, if they can’t hack it in this market, we shouldn’t be responsible for them.

No matter how catchy a tune this Menuck guy can whip up.

Dear Tiny Mix Tapes readers:

I am very sorry for the admittedly bad taste of this Chocolate Grinder post. While attempting to write from the point of view of the toxic white male capitalist to poke fun at that demographic, I feel like I went too far. It’s not funny, and I feel icky. Efrim Menuck is a tireless watchdog for political and social malfeasance, and we must thank him for his efforts over the years as an artist shedding light on injustice. His music offers us a release, allowing us to rage along with him against corporate evil in all its forms. He encourages us to exist at an alternative to the status quo, advocating for a human decency and connection that is at odds with modern culture.

As a promise to you, friendly readers, I will never make light of the victims of the greedy and heartless corporations again.


Now, who’s up for some Pissing Stars? It’s Menuck’s new album on Constellation… you know you want to check it out.

Out February 2. Tracklist:

1. Black Flags Ov Thee Holy Sonne
2. The State And Its Love And Genocide
3. The Lion-Daggers Of Calais
4. Kills v. Lies
5. Hart_Kashoggi
6. A Lamb In The Land Of Payday Loans
7. LxOxVx / Shelter In Place
8. The Beauty Of Children And The War Against The Poor
9. Pissing Stars

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