The cultures of the Earth are innumerable; their traditions are far beyond count and even earnest comprehension to most. There’s a beauty in how ephemeral and innate our respective spiritualities can be conveyed in music. Even without complete understanding, according respect to those traditions can be a reward in its own right.

EIGHTXNIGHTS touch upon the sounds of these traditions, but leaves them appropriately intact. In fact, there’s life in “DRIFTXWOOD,” something that escapes much sampling of traditional music of the world. It’s a miasma of flying dust, gathering strength and casting it aside just as quickly. That dryness, like raw earth, is where the power of this track really lies. To the eyes, it would just be distended cloud, marbled by shadows of debris and indistinct dirt. To your ear, “DRIFTXWOOD” is a cloaked spirit with a purpose unbeknownst to you outside its tumbling specter. Although some may confuse the folk of the non-West for being old, even dead, in value, EIGHTXNIGHTS challenge that idea, showing life in these sounds. Even played with slightly, this track loses none of that intrinsic spirit.

You’re in its realm, as a guest. EIGHTXNIGHTS treat their sampling in much the same way. Reverential of tradition, animated by it.

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