♫♪  Ekin Fil - “gogo”

Late night movies. Not speaking to anyone for three days. Small bites of meals. Gradual responses. Shouting in the country. Old secrets entombed. Nuance stemming upward. Ash floating out to sea. Faded t-shirts. Hooking your hand into cold chain-links. Staring into water. Pennies buried. Locust shells collected in a rusted coffee can. Laughing without making a sound. Fog wrapped around your headlights as you drive without purpose. Steam off the head. Handmade coasters. Study-hall naps. Sun-bleached couches. Aromatic winds. Swallowing hard. Blinking too much. Slowly rolling your tongue back and forth against your gums. Jumps of time between what was and what wasn’t. What is and what isn’t. Thumbtack pressure, lifting out.

“gogo” is off of Ekin Fil’s latest, Heavy, released yesterday on No Kings. Grab a copy of the limited cassette here.

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