♫♪  E.K.O.I. - “Darfur”

There’s a plethora of possibilities why time travel still exists in mind/thought rather than physically. Maybe humans would create a time machine so far from Earth they aren’t able to dimensionally reach 2011. HAH — maybe it just doesn’t exist [period]. Time travel is just a sad subject. What if future societies revere 2011? Flip that: what society do you think would be easiest to assimilate with culturally, linguistically, and fiscally? Would you tell them you’re from this era or shame 2011 by being quiet and never traveling back? Glad there are reggae bards like E.K.O.I. still keeping world-folk alive today, giving praise to human purpose and cause. “Darfur,” man. Speaking of “sad subject.”


• E.K.O.I.: http://ekoi.bandzoogle.com/fr_home.cfm

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