♫♪  Elkhorn - “Lion”

The last we heard from East Coast scorched Americana duo Elkhorn (Drew Gardner and Jesse Sheppard) was the mesmerizing The Black River for Seattle’s Debacle Records. Well, it’s 2018 and they’re back! Inspired by a scuba diving trip in Belize, and apparently the subsequent refinement of and inhalation of various doses of powdered lionfish venom, Lionfish consists of two longform improvisations, with Gardner on the electric guitar, and Sheppard on the acoustic.

Below, we have the entire first side of the tape, “Lion,” which slowly unfolds gorgeous layers of blues, Americana, and experimental inspired guitar for a kaleidoscopic, mind melting trip. Lionfish comes out June 6 via Seattle’s Eiderdown Records. This one should be ideal for the coming summer months, as Elkhorn’s on point sounds put you further at ease and in a very groovy, relaxed state.

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