♫♪  Eludem - FADEAWAYS​/​/​2

Collecting odds and ends and mixing and making it; Eludem has made it. And what he’s made is FADEAWAYS​/​/​2. This lil-old collection of “some ideas” is chock full of offbeat beats, nasty snaps and crackles, shrewd synths, and amazingly stacked samples. So, basically what I’m saying is this album is stupid good. Got a busted, dark vibe to boot.

My boy Top Heavy never hit me back after I sent this to him, so I imagine he’s been too busy groovin’ to respond. That, or he’s still miffed at me for all those fruit flies that appeared in his apartment after I accidentally left some chopped up watermelon out. Whoops! Regardless, Eludem’s FADEAWAYS​/​/​2 is streaming below, so go ahead and press play and step into impressed-to-furrowed-brow mode.

• Eludem: https://soundcloud.com/eludem

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