♫♪  Eludem - Live: From the Psy’Opera House

Fall brings much with its yearly entrance. With each passing day, the earth gets more sunken and dry. Leaves drop and crack, noses get pinker, and hot drinks and pocket change add up.

Not one to miss out on the affair, Eludem and his slack beats have once again turned up ‘round this seasonal change. This time, to seemingly give us all a little heat before the world turns dead and beige. Carbonation and hibiscus, twisted with vinyl crackled loops and in the pocket drums make what would be just another beat tape into the stuff of infinite flips. I’m already on round [insert very large and impressive number here] with Live: From the Psy’Opera House, and the end doesn’t seem to be a reachable destination. So, might as well do what bodies are meant to do during the autumn months: wrap up in some big clothes and nod off into oblivion.

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