♫♪  Eludem - Response

Eludem makes beats. I’m sure he does other things, but for the sake of brevity, let’s pretend that’s all he does. His bent and tortured constructions confuse and impress. They split time between Hawaii and Norilsk. They make DJs slap themselves with their own artist pass. They expertly merge into traffic and glide out just as easily.

Finally, with Response, we have a physical release from the man, albeit in a comically small edition of 25 tapes. Going from jazz drum chops, to astral mind-maps, to warped rotations and percussive noodling, a lot gets accomplished on Response, especially with it being just a c22. But that just means the sooner it’s over, the sooner you can flip it and return to it’s collaged, smokey bliss.

Stream the whole thing below, and grab a copy from Colossal Tapes.

• Eludem: https://eludem.bandcamp.com
• Colossal Tapes: http://colossaltapes.com

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