♫♪  Elysia Crampton - “kel something else e edit (RE-UP) #DESCARGA”

Elysia and Kelela have been keeping up a healthy collaboration this year. Elysia’s released a handful of heartbroken remixes of Kelela’s 2013 album CUT 4 ME, including this lush edit of “Something Else.” E. has also extensively sampled K. in many other tracks, and, most recently, they both worked with artist Adrian Piper (alias, Not Adrian Piper) on the LP Final Exam for the Berlin Bienniale’s Anthem series. (This year’s Anthem also includes artist Amalia Ulman and Ryan Trecartin, and musicians Fatima Al Qadiri and Juliana Huxtable.) Letting these plucky synths from “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” float me through to month’s end, over and over.

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