♫♪  Elysia Crampton - “Recent Horizon”

Elysia Crampton, formerly known as E+E, gave a lecture late last year at the University of Gothenburg, titled “Tethered to the Song: Transsubjectivity, Female Masculinity, and Lacan’s Formulae of Sexuation.” The event was curated by Gluey-c, an entity that combines “critical archival practice with a curatorial design” through music performances, publications, and lectures/workshops. The track below is an “altered documentation” of that lecture, commissioned by artist/New Materialist Timur Si Qin for his Recent Horizons solo exhibition at Société, Berlin. Here’s an excerpt from Crampton’s altered lecture:

Sleak silver dog-shield that is the weight/parade of everything that isn’t you, falling from you: curvature of your zero-face: a wing (your living wing): falling toward orion’s fire, sheer pull of the future (you are your own futurity, grace nested in yourself, curled up in your “own foolhardiness”)… machine of your dying away, always child of something, child of your own withdrawnness.

Listen to it in context here:

Elysia Crampton’s new album American Drift is out July 31 on Blueberry Recordings.

• Elysia Crampton: https://soundcloud.com/eande
• Timur Si Qin: http://timursiqin.com
• Gluey-c: http://gluey-c.tumblr.com

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