♫♪  EMA - “Angelo”

I was in LGA booz-/DXMing the day after Thanksgiving — three or four or five years ago — waiting for a flight to Dayton, OH. Then a fella approached me, took myPod, and was like, “What are you listening to?” It was totes the Red State Gowns’ album. After he popped my bubble, and I lost some of my drink, the fella showed me a press pass and license to prove he was Kurt Loder from MTV. He asked me where I was going, I burped O’hiii-ah, finished my hooch, and left the bar.

Later, as the plane ascended, Kurt Loder got up, stumbled into the empty seat next to me, and talked to his assistant across the aisle from us about the Hawthorne Heights bassist that had died. I’m thinking shiiiiit, wait — whaaaaaat? He then raped my ear about interviewing musicians, gave me children’s motion sickness pills (was really ecstasy), lost my mind, took me in his limo to my apartment, met my property manager, and around noon:thirty, my property manager, Kurt Loder, his assistant, and I were all in the Diamonds Cabaret champagne room.

Needless to say, EMA and Growns now remind me of Kurt Loder. And mixing drugs. Yo, she’s hot this year; Stephen Reese still has my EMA cassette, and this here “Angelo” is a B-sides off a 7-inch of hers available November 21 on Souterrain Transmissions.

• EMA: http://cameouttanowhere.com
• Souterrain Transmissions: http://www.souterraintransmissions.com

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