♫♪  emamouse - “Sand Dune”

emamouse is more than contemporary, they belong to the future. The latest single from their super prolific catalog sounds out a mostly instrumental exploration of a bizarro beach carnival. I heard similar fun fair themes in Bianca Scout’s latest release, which is perhaps a product of the summer, or more obliquely a reflection of a totally warped world operating behind a clown’s wide smile.

Here, synths clack brightly as little crabs peeking googly eyes out of the sand to spy the fun. Similarly, wide-eyed octopuses slide from a sea awash in a Ferris wheel’s rainbow lights to wrap their sticky tentacles around unsuspecting ankles. Wheezing vocals, which are so prominent across many emamouse songs, appear mid-way through awash in effects—frothy waves full of trash crashing up against the shore. These continue to undulate in and out as the synths, like sinking suns, merge with a wobbling horizon.

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