♫♪  Embaci + Elysia Crampton & Dedekind Cut - “Girl in a Rut” / “Flight and Destruction”

As we recently reported, Brooklyn’s Embaci is set to release a joint “digital tape” with the NON and N.A.A.F.I collectives, featuring semi-improvised vocals over production from the likes of ANGEL-HO, Chino Amobi, Mhysa, Nkisi, LAO, ZutZut, and IMAABS. Today, she has released a double single from the project, with “Girl in a Rut” produced by Dedekind Cut (f.k.a. Lee Bannon) and “Flight and Destruction” by Elysia Crampton (f.k.a. E+E). Both cuts are gorgeous.

Look for the tape sometimes this month, and check out both songs here:

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