♫♪  Emuul - Free Structures: What We Thought When We Though The World Was Shifting Under Our Feet

Have you ever imagined — while walking on the sidewalk or hiking up a trail — that you are not simply moving across the surface of the planet, but that you are spinning the Earth under your feet with the mere strength of your legs? Kind of like a log-rolling contest on a much different scale. If not, you should try it next time you’re strolling about (it’s particularly fun to imagine while jogging or ingesting hallucinogens).

Vividly titled Free Structures: What We Thought When We Thought The World Was Shifting Under Our Feet, the newest release from Seattle drone musician Emuul imagines a similar sensation. Rumbling tones fuel the machine that rotates the ground beneath fleeting piano melodies and fluttering guitar riffs within the tender 35 minutes of this cassette. Now that it’s spring, it’s time to bust out the sweatbands, pop this sucker in your Walkman, and do your part in spinning this rock beneath us.

• Emuul: http://emuul.bandcamp.com
• Constellation Tatsu: http://ctatsu.com

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