♫♪  Enchanted Lands - “All Silver and Shadows and Visions of Things Not Seen”

A gentle voice sings/whispers “come and see me”; a deafening, harsh whoosh of sound breaks your speakers; unidentifiable crackles and hits echo in darkness; extra-terrestrials whisper in an alien tongue; a melody, equally lulling and poignant, materialises from thin air; it carries you further, deeper into your subconscious; in there, it’s silvery, full of shadows and monsters you’ve never encountered before; only now do you realize that “come and see me” was sung/whispered by you; yes, you said it to yourself; maybe that’s fine, maybe it’s not; who am I to tell you?

“All Silver and Shadows and Visions of Things Not Seen” is the opener from Enchanted Lands’ exquisite debut tape Feed Goals released via Czech imprint Genot Centre. Full of soothing textures and imaginative sound design, the collection exists somewhere between collage and ambient soundscape. Listening attentively will reveal an abundance of sounds to discover, while passive absorption will relax both the mind and the soul. Either way, this is very pleasing indeed.

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