♫♪  ENDGAME - Consumed

Get the gas masks on, take a few final breaths of non-filtered air, and wait. There’s no escaping it. Every day, the virus grows, already infecting innocent bystanders from Stockholm to South Korean, Latin America to Berlin. You can fight it or bask in its glory. The queen of PC Music, Hannah Diamond, has already thrown in support by way of Tom Clancy x Deadpool-esque cover art.

All throughout the London club scene, saturated with grime, an epidemic is spreading and the breadcrumbs lead right to Bala Club. The reggaeton collective has revitalized the lonely ex-European city and, as with nearly all culture movements, has begun to see the inklings of genre gentrification. Collective member Endgame’s mixtape halts any attempts by previous grime DJs to make their way into the Reggaeton resistance with Consumed.

Consume the whole mixtape below.

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