♫♪  ensemble 0 - “Florent plays glockenspiel, JF plays ebows & guitar, Sylvain plays glockenspiel…”

The name ensemble 0 gestures towards an idea of total openness and possibility. It’s befitting because this a rotating and collectivized group that, based on circumstance or context, come together in spontaneous and perfectly curated arrangements.

In this iteration, which was recorded in Belgium is 2016, regular members Florent Garnier, Jean-François Brohée, and Sylvain Chauveau are joined by Thomas Jean Henri and Antoine Pasqualini to perform eight compositions with percussion, harmonium, ebows and guitar.

The sample one that they have graced us with falls into the realm of orchestrated lullaby or a kind of regenerative ambience that bounds with lightness and beauty and sweetness and peace, like an arctic fox navigating Spring’s first thaw.

ensemble 0 plays eight compositions will be out in the US on October 5. Read more/preorder here.

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