♫♪  Ensemble Economique - “On The Sand”

Recorded and produced with Peter Broderick (also on the drums, violin and some effects), Ensemble Economique (a.k.a. Brian Pyle) is back for blood “On The Sand.” There’s a certain way one obtains masculinity in music without proving your male, and it’s a very flagrant alpha move. However, in “On The Sand,” Ensemble Economique slowly builds this theme of MAN produced music with brooding synth sounds, deep whispering, pensive guitar, and generally “I know the way” attitude, but let’s be honest, we’re all lost, in the desert, “On the Sand.” Yet, it’s never felt this patient. Beyond that, I’d rather have Brian Pyle at my six in a stranded situation like this, as he’s able to match and move it along as a soundtrack would to your favorite movie.

Ensemble Economique does a good combo of Expo 70 guitar vibrations, Trent Reznor vocal asping, and aged-old (circa 2006) Robedoor minimalism, stripped of all their pedaled effects. It’s an impressive first listen into what’s in store for this year. And I already know Daughn Gibson is trying, but will inevitably fail at tiddling my winks. So keep on the eye-peel for a new Ensemble Economique reel, and prepare for those late-gaze zones ahead:

• Ensemble Economique: http://ensembleeconomique.tumblr.com

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