♫♪  Eric Frye - “Social Music”

Eric Frye designs ambiguities. Post-etymons in the process of being traced. Yet unfixed. Unfurled strings pulled from a spool and bowed loosely, beautifully, sloppily, at once. Many arms made orchestral.

We’re listening to reels of cello and double bass and the weighty-made-wonky bellows of bass clarinet and bassoon. An octopus with eight arms can hold how many bows? Impress how many keys? They have nine brains, one in the head, one in each of the arms. “This allows the arms to work independently of each other, yet together toward the same goal.” That’s social. That’s love.

We could be out floating in the galaxy, helmet pops off, eardrums have grown wobbly and this is the last thing you hear. (Classical music beamed into space…)
We could be heaving out at sea, on a sinking ship, the quartet still playing. (What the octopus hears…)
I actually do see a little boat made of clay, bobbing, and have looped this around twenty times now to lose any sense of linearity. Like a lenticular cloud. Self-contained.

“Social Music” can be found on Frye’s upcoming album (Mesc. 1), which will be released digitally and on CD on May 29.

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