♫♪  Erm & Nickname - Erm & Nickname

I am a sound-whale, and my eardrums are baleen, picking up signals through water and converting them into music within my brain.

Erm & Nickname’s current crosses my trajectory, their soundwaves becoming ensnared in my gigantic ear canals. There they resonate within the cavernous space, coalescing as functioning antifolk as the waves reassemble their form, liquid becoming liquid among liquid. Ripples of tension barely hint at release, and I, a sound-whale, turn my human eye even deeper toward the darkest depths, mesmerized by song manifesting as faint light on the ocean floor. Languorous chords stretch for miles along the E&M current, and voices, flute, violin, trumpet, and saxophone mingle with guitar and keyboards, faint treasures to recover on deep dives only to disappear into ethereality upon surfacing. Bright breaths stab cold through depleted lungs, quickly, before almost immediate reimmersion, the rush of seasong fulfilling the basic needs of survival.

These campfire songs for ocean-floor nights expand the foggy notion of deep dream-state buoyancy and unfurl tendrils of kelp in forest-sized exponentiality, and here I am, swimming, getting lost among it, my path refracting and redirecting at an almost constant rate. I am uncomplicated and nourished, revived and energized, fed by the sea and the reverberations. I am a sound-whale, and my sides are covered in limpets.

Limited edition double cassette and CD box set available through Third Kind Records.

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