♫♪  Evan Anderson - Otoño

New Haven, Connecticut, guitarist Evan Anderson recorded a session for CabinFever Presents, called Otoño (released by Dead Definition), an ode to autumn, which all you Spanish speakers out there would have totally picked up on before I even wrote this sentence. Anderson is a deft player, emotive and dextrous, his solo acoustic guitar recorded crisply and intimately. It is the perfect accompaniment to the season and “that mysterious, transitory month of September,” when the “late afternoon autumn sun [streams] through windows, [and] radiators creak and begrudgingly awaken.” Which, in Florida, we call December.

The two tracks comprising Otoño filter through the atmosphere like post-rock dust motes caught in sunbeams before settling on antique wooden furniture. They’re warm and inviting like a soft blanket and a favorite couch, and they envelope you in their familiarity. They last a total of ten minutes before dissipating into the air, and by that time you should be so cozy that you may be on the verge of a nap. Snuggle up under that blanket.

But, again, keep all that warm, blankety stuff away from me until at LEAST Thanksgiving. Florida’s like an oven.

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