♫♪  Eve Essex - Live at Harlekin, Berlin (April 2015)

Multidisciplinary artist Eve Essex’s speaks through her saxophone in a pointillistic vocabulary; wild colors and quick sound-strokes run erratically over a hovering tonality always subtly lingering in the background. Her playing grows into gnarled, fragile forms that take the shape of a riff blast or pointed sax-glitch, tones that abstract themselves in a way not dissimilar to many lowercase musician’s manipulation of amplified wood, wire, or paper. Only, this is the free improvisation of a saxophone — a familiar medium — one that’s rendered as an elegantly transportive process signaling toward a starkly modern orientation. The set is inflected with bits of Braxton and Kalma, or even Lorenzo Senni and AMM, in equal measure.

Scope her solo instrumental work, as well as her collaborative work in the artist duo, Essex Olivares. Essex also recently compiled a listening room mix for the ALLGOLD/PS1 Printshop, which consists of her own work intermingled with cuts from Partch, Dan Fox, Jooklo Duo & C Spencer Yeh, and more.

• Eve Essex: https://soundcloud.com/eveessex
• Essex Olivares: http://essex-olivares.com

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