♫♪  Evian Christ - Kings and Them [mixtape]

Evian Christ was hyped late last year by Dummy, who described his music as “Clams Casino-gone-footwork.” That’s like an automatic 5,000 points on the hype-o-meter. Since then, the once-anonymous producer has revealed his name (Joshua Lear), his residence (UK), his age (22), and, today, a mixtape. Kings of Them consists of remastered versions of the tracks he uploaded to YouTube, and hot-as-shit label Tri Angle (Balam Acab, Holy Other, Ayshay, How to Dress Well, Water Borders, etc.) is offering the mix for free at its SoundCloud. Stream below or download it here.

Meanwhile, The Fader says Mr. Joshua is working on new material for a future release on Tri Angle. PRETTY COOL!

• Evian Christ: http://www.youtube.com/user/evianchrist
• Tri Angle: http://tri-anglerecords.com

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