♫♪  Evian Christ - “Waterfall”

Evian Christ seems like a cool guy. Even Kanye West likes him. In fact, Evian Christ’s new song “Waterfall” reminds me of a bit of “I’m In It,” the track he produced for Yeezus, which makes me think he’s making a shift towards a more abrasive, caustic form of sedated trap beats. In an interview with Crack Magazine, he mentions getting into Vatican Shadow, an aesthetic that also shows a little on “Waterfall.” Thankfully, not too much though, as the producer strikes a fine balance between his more ambient mixtape and the harsh sounds of his recent work. Check it out here:

Evian Christ’s “Waterfall” EP is out March 17 on Tri Angle, an EP showing how he’s still one of the most exciting producers IN THE GAME.

• Evian Christ: https://soundcloud.com/evianchrist
• Tri Angle: http://tri-anglerecords.com

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