♫♪  Evvolves - Mosses

Perhaps this beautifully strange and idiosyncratic kind of sound could only have come from a post-shoegaze band from Warsaw…

Earlier this year, Evvolves, a four-piece band from Poland’s capital city issued their sophomore album Mosses, and for followers of the band, its quite notable near-transformation not only in sound, but also in tone, character, and intent from predecessor Hang, must have been as fascinating as it may have been surprising or frustrating.

Somehow, Evvolves do retain their identity, still working more or less within the shoegaze template they carved out with Hang, but Mosses is at the same time a near-different beast altogether. For starters, its overall sound is DARK as fuuu—-, bordering on only the best miserable goth reminiscent of Medusa-era Xymox, Lycia, or even And Also the Trees (you know, that 80% post-punk, 20% dream pop band that wouldn’t let up on the atmosphere). And all those 80s mentions are no coincidence, either, as there are retro vibes felt throughout, throwbacks to the darker side of the post-punk/New Wave era of the early part of the decade, and the abrasive industrial textures of the late 80s.

Intrigued yet? You should be. It’s beautiful and dreamy, sinister and ominous, and best of all, it’s quite possibly original, not overtly so, but subtly.


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