♫♪  ewonee . - Nitee​.​shift_eep

For anybody on that night shift grind, hats off to you. I’m sure plenty is missed out on while living this lifestyle. Going to shows must be off the table, catching up with friends and family surely becomes a choir, and I bet the sun transforms into some sort of furious yellow monster, keeping you from getting your rest.

Thankfully, ewonee .’s masterfully crafted Nitee​.​shift_eep is here to offer some soundful alleviation. Now, creating beats is what ewonee . is referring to as his night shift, but, while you watch the front desk at that lonely motel off the interstate you work at, take a short, ear’d stroll through Nitee​.​shift_eep. I think you’ll like what you find. And if you don’t, buzz off and get back to work!

• ewonee .: https://ewonee.bandcamp.com

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