♫♪  Faangface - “Everyone On This Ship Is A Goddamned Liar”

Yeahhhhhhh. Put on a slab of unidentifiable static chaos like “Everyone On This Ship Is A Goddamn Liar” and react to its twists in structure like you would a particularly surreal high school romance anime. With nothing familiar to cling onto, assaulted by barrages of looped feedback and garbed vocal samples, the plot springs from the relation between each clashed passage. This man wants to take you on a journey, and there’s no guarantee it will be pleasant.

You enter the gymnasium and find the girl or boy or android you like (like, “like” like) is making out (like, really getting there all sloppy) with a firm bag of sand. Your loved one goes all tongue-core, and the bag of sand seems to reciprocate.

When the Spanish teacher calls on you to read the third paragraph of Borges’s “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” aloud to the class, a clump of hair falls off of your head and onto the pages. You wipe it aside and more falls out. You ask to be excused, but have run out of passes.

You sneak up onto the rooftop for a cigarette and come face to face with a wild boar. He asks if he can bum one too. You sit, stroking his haunches and face area, as the two of you puff some death into your lungs. When you both finish your sticks, he throttles you.

Faangface (aka Cleveland-based multi-instrumentalist and Rubber City Noise co-honcho Joshua Novak) hands you the materials to construct any story you please, with the caveat of mandatory debasement. The story must be fucked. Everyone on this ship is a goddamn liar, but it could be much worse. I’ll take a human liar over a truthful lizard person any day.

• Faangface: https://soundcloud.com/joshua-novak

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