♫♪  Father - Papicodone

Y’all know we love us some Awful Records – just peep any one of our Favorite Mixtapes monthlies for proof – so it goes without saying that a new release from the crew’s de facto leader is pretty much TMT catnip. And why not, as Papicodone nicely summates the attraction to Father (and, by extension, the whole Awful roster): bassy DIY production, voices barely mixed above a whisper, and drugs. A lot of drugs. Previously-released banger “Please Stop Making Fake Versace” is an obvious standout, as is the crew cut “All Black Hummer” which features spots from iLoveMakonnen, Ethereal and Archibald Slim, but really, it’s all pretty :fire emoji:. And at just five tracks deep, it ends quickly enough to spin it again, and again. That’s right, you can play Papicodone three times in roughly the same timespan as the new Tame Impala album. So, what’s it gonna be? Find out for yourself right here:

• Father: http://fatheraintshit.com
• Awful: http://awfulrecords.com

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