♫♪  Father - Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First?

Father, founder of Awful Records (one of our favorite labels) and one certifiably sick motherfucker, has just released 32 minutes of “pure, unfiltered debauchery,” as he calls it. Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First? follows last year’s breakthrough mixtape, Young Hot Ebony (which contained one of my favorite songs of 2014, “Look At Wrist”), and it features 12 new tracks, the majority of which he produced himself. Guests include Ethereal, Abra, Richposlim, Slug Christ, KeithCharles Spacebar, and more.

Now, time to answer the album’s question:

And for those of you into big brands and long lines, be sure to check out Father’s shows at SXSW.

• Father: http://fatheraintshit.com

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