♫♪  Faxada - “Happy Tongues”

Waggling ecstatically from mouths; full-on euphoric from delicious food; jabbering excitedly in myriad languages — these joyful muscles in constant motion celebrate the fullness of their existence. Faxada, aka Polish electronic/electroacoustic artist Przemysław Wojtaszek, documents the bliss of kinetic energy, reveling in the sheer excitement of “Happy Tongues,” the lead track dropped in advance of his new tape Paraa out September 21 on Darling Recordings.

Heavily processed bursts of sound (think the Orange Milk catalog) resolve into a lurching mashup of Dre-meets-your-college-indie-rock-band halfway through, and you only have a minute and a half to even figure out what the heck happened here before Wojtaszek careens off into the next thing. That’s what’s going to make Paraa so thrilling once you get the chance to get your grubby paws on a tape — it’s almost certain to shift constantly and surprise you at every turn. (Take it from me — I have an advance promo.)

This time around Faxada drops some of the whirlwind plunderphonics that admittedly made his previous album Cohost so alluring. But have no fear: the fun never ends with Paraa (well, until Paraa itself ends), as the Faxada worldview is now “heavily influenced by videogame sound design, triggering specific actions and thoughts on a composed timeline.” I don’t care who you are, that sounds like solid gold! (And again, trust me on that — advance promo and all.)

So get your face really close up to your phone or computer screen and lick the hell out of it in sheer reaction to “Happy Tongues,” then start babbling incoherently as you get ready for that tape to drop!

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