♫♪  F.C. Judd - Electronics Without Tears [preview]

I am still mesmerized by electronic music. All electronic music. There’s a threshold I reach when trying to wrap my mind around sounds that unravel any thought that has progressed. And this fellah F.C. Judd, “a previously unheralded lost-pioneer of British Electronic,” is just repeating over and over, with the computers in my ears, laughing every four minutes or so. So, I just don’t understand things good. It’s apart of my allure. But this is only the [preview] of Electronics Without Tears, an hour-long retrospective into the archives of F.C. Judd’s electronic music explanation and findings. It’s out now on CD for less ££s than you think!

• F.C. Judd: http://www.fcjudd.co.uk
• Public Information: http://public-info.co.uk

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