♫♪  felicita. - “wubit ribit iwwwubit”

Something weird is going on again at camp felicita. Still following along them robo-tune vocal lines, “wubit ribit iwwwubit” draws upon faux animal lyrics, which is an interesting turn on the whole PC Music timbre look, although I’ve no idea if this track has any involvement with PC Music. Either way, as Danny L Harle and SOPHIE (again, affiliation with PC Music?) draw upon natural and instrumental timbres for both they mix-sets and/or singles, felicita. makes a commentary on both the tweaked vocal game and environmental sonic in “wubit ribit iwwwubit.” felicita. does this by warping frog (maybe) and human vocals at their core-into-trans sounds, flaying out something as experimental as it is poppy.

And if the photo has anything to do with the “wubit ribit iwwwubit” sound, then a good blend of who’s who and mingle-mangle is in store for guessing who’s felicita. But does it even matter? Who dat is below:

• felicita.: http://felicit.asia

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