♫♪  Final Heal - “Never Die”

This has me utterly sunk. Transported is probably the better word, pushed through a plane below and into some removed, hypercity of Final Heal’s web-spinning. It’s not so much as perfect as it is divine, a track of prescient, feverish eternity. I think better than anything, “Never Die” captures that feeling of pursuit, the constant chase that is manifest in the romance subplots of semi-obscurish J-RPGs à la Jade Cocoon. Yet it’s even stronger than that, an aesthetic that entirely recognizable on its face. A slow plummet through the sky, towards love and a darkly illuminated life fountain. You brush against a poorly rendered spire, burned into your memory as the fall goes on for what amounts to ages as the reprise plays.

Yeah, I’m enamored. Fascinated even. This pursuit is one I want in on, with it’s excessive leather straps, melodramatic emotions, and endless white.

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