♫♪  Fischerle - groove 7

Wrocław-based label outlines is looking to expand on the original Chicago footwork sound, releasing tape releases by artists from all over the planet, each titled “groove (insert number)”. One of their latest in a series “focused on dub techno, 160bpm and footwork” comes from Polish publisher and sound artist Mateusz Wysocki, aka Fischerle. groove 7 is deceptively simple, its ever-intertwining rhythms seemingly emerging from thin air, its modest melodies reverberating in the distance, but you couldn’t be more far from the truth.

Both “groove 7.1” and “7.2” are carefully constructed, mutating ever-so-slightly over their 10-minute playtime. Their thumping beats are flanked by robotic bleeps and fragile metallic clanks, vocal samples and muted shakers, respectively. While these two tracks might be easy to groove to, they are equally easy to get lost in. Explore them in detail below, or perhaps even cop a limited tape via the outlines Bandcamp.

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