Somewhere between Grammy Award-winning disco revivalism and disco committing Promethazine-assisted suicide by bathtub drowning is the sound of Flamingosis, the self-titled album by Morristown, New Jersey’s Aaron Velásquez a.k.a. Flamingosis, whose name is taken from a freestyle frisbee move that was invented by the artist’s father, a former champion of the sport. At first, I thought the name was pronounced as one word, like halitosis, but then I thought maybe it’s pronounced flamingo-sis, but now after watching this video, I’m thinking it might be pronounced flaming osis. It all depends on how you hear it, I guess. Coincidentally, the same can be said for these tunes. Are they sample-based electronic pieces, straightforward beats, retitled remixes, or something else? It all depends on how you hear it. No matter how you do that, though, if track two, “1978,” doesn’t pump some life into your head, neck, and extremities, then you need to check yourself.

• Flamingosis: http://flamingosis.com
• KEATS//COLLECTIVE: https://keatscollective.bandcamp.com

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